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rave definition: Rave means an enthusiastic expression. (adjective) An example of rave used as an adjective is the term "rave review" which means a review that really praises something.... rave (rāv) v. raved, rav·ing, raves v.intr. 1. To speak wildly, irrationally, or incoherently. 2. To move with great violence or intensity: The storm raved along the coast. 3. To speak or write with wild enthusiasm: Critics raved about the new play. 4. To attend a rave. v.tr. To utter or express in a frenzied or unrestrained manner. n. 1. The act or ... 1) n. any gathering of people centered around listening to and dancing to electronic music, as played by a set of live djs. Originated in 1989 in the UK as underground, often illegal gatherings in abandoned warehouses. Often characterized by the positive, psychedelic atmosphere, influnced often (but not always) by drugs and casual sex. 2) v. to dance in a style characteristic of dancers at ... rave definition: 1. to speak in an uncontrolled way, usually because you are upset or angry, or because you are ill…. Learn more. Rave definition, to talk wildly, as in delirium. See more.

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